Actor’s Tools & Info


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214 w.30th st./11th floor,  NY, NY 10034

Agents & Managers: When you are privileged to have been accepted by either an agent or manager, you must realize what your job is as the talent: do not expect us to do all the work.  You really need to know how the business works.  It is advised you take a business class.  Please contact Mary Anne Claro for a business class.  A full extensive explanation and training on the business.

Head Shots:  You need a great head shot with 100 duplications.  They should last you a least a year; as most submissions are done via email today.  Most well trained talent have two to four different types of looks.  Look at our site and you will see the recommendations of photographers.  Make sure to have your name on the front of your duplications.  Your name only.
If sending your headshot to our agency you must email it as a JPEG attachment.

Resumes:  You must have a resume stapled in four corners. If you are represented by either an agent or manager, only their name, phone number and a website is to be on your resume, not your contact numbers PLEASE.  Why would we want to send out your contact numbers to clients that we worked so hard to get , for them to call you?  We deal with the clients and take care of the billing that may want to book you.  Please remember that your resume and head shots but be 8″ x 10″ and the resume must be cut to fit your head shot.  This is what the industry accepts.

Resume Example  Please click on this link to view a basic resume example. Please be sure to email us your resume as a PDF or JPEG attachment.

Duplications:  You do not get duplications from your photographer.  You need to contact your agent or manager.  They have information on good printing companies.

Post Cards: A post card is a wonderful way to keep your face in front of the proper people without spending a lot of money!!   Postcards are 4″ x 6″ with your picture or pictures on the front.  You will need to send these every month to all the casting directors or producers that you have made contact with or have auditioned for.  Just a little note stating that you would love to work with them or to keep them up to date on projects you have booked, thank them for auditions, etc.  If  you are in a play, it is always a nice gesture to invite your agent or casting director with comps for us to see your work.