-“Dear Mrs. Claro and Mary Anne, 

We would like to take a moment of your valuable time to simply say thank you! It was our sincere pleasure to meet you both and spend time with you today.  In an industry filled with so many people simply trying to make a buck, it was quite refreshing to meet you and understand that integrity is your top priority. We are proud and highly protective parents. Our children and their
well being mean the most to us. We feel that after today, we have finally met like-minded professionals that we can trust and build an enjoyable working relationship with.  
We look forward to working with your agency now and in the future. Thank you once again for your time and consideration with regard to our children. 
With our sincerest thanks,”
The Karavitch Family
Steve, Linda, Stephen, Kristen & Kylie
-“Hi Mary Anne! I wanted to let you to know that I had a great time at the shoot with the Japanese production company on Sunday!  I was speaking briefly with the production manager, who expressed how pleased he was with the talent from your
agency – he was glad they were so talented, attentive, and that the agency was so easy to work with! Just wanted to pass that on!
Take care, and thanks!”
Angela Anderson
-“When I met Mary Anne for the first time we had an instant connection.  She kept on saying to me, “Do I know you from somewhere?”  Even though we had never met before, we had no idea about what an amazing relationship we were both about to embark on. I became Mary Anne’s first intern while studing for my BA in Film and Media Arts at Temple University.  After graduation, she made me her full time assistant.  From the day I met her she has opened doors for me that one can only imagine.  If you listen to Mary Anne she has the power to do that for you too!  She is different from any other agent because she really CARES.  We actors think we have all the answers, let me just give you a reality check:WE DON’T!  Mary Anne hasn’t been the President and Owner of the Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency for 35 years because she doesn’t know what she is doing.  Trust me, she KNOWS!  Another reason that sets Mary Anne apart from the rest is that she will tell you the truth, holding nothing and I mean NOTHING back.  That is the kind of representation you want and always hope for.  Mary Anne has sent my career soaring!  For the past 7 years, I was one of 70 people in the country to represent Toyota on the International Auto Show Circuit as a Product Presenter.   I have booked various Commerical, TV and Film work including the film Standing Ovation with James Brolin as the Executive Producer.  Standing Ovation will be out in theaters near you this summer.  They are calling it the biggest Family Film of the century.  Not only did I have a role in the film but I now share an Associate Producer credit along side my mentor, Mary Anne Claro.   She has been my Fairy Godmother since I entered her office at a young age of 19.  I was a young South Philly girl with big dreams and all I wanted was for someone to believe in me.  Mary Anne was that person and I thank her for making all my dreams, my reality.”
Monique Impagliazzo, Associate Producer, Kenilworth Films
-“My experience with The Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency has been absolutely fantastic. Mary Anne  has  become not only my agent but my adviser regarding my career development and I trust her wisdom and experience 100%. So when asked by Backstage what I was thankful for it was a reflex to say my agency, The Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency. My bookings so far vary from Three Olives Vodka to Microsoft. In between building my body of work as an actress I am the style reporter for http://www.youtube.com/v/kx9HmxbpsZE&hl=en_GB&fs=1&
Emma J
-“Mary Anne & Mrs. Claro-We would like to thank you for spending a delightful afternoon with us. It was great getting to know such wonderful people with a fine well run organization such as yours. For us, today was a turning point in our lives, as you both have made a difference by assisting and guiding us toward our goal of attaining our dreams. A special mention to you, Mrs. Claro,by giving so much of yourself by sharing so many of your life experiences which makes you the wise person that you are. We look forward to the beginning of long friendship that will create lasting memories.”
Mario & Debbie D’Amore

-“Your agency was  so kind and friendly to me that I felt up lifted and more motivated than ever before.  I look forward to a lasting relationship!”
Francisco M. Abreu

-“Mary Anne- I would like to thank you for the QVC bookings. I enjoy them so much and it was a pleasure to do it again this year!”
Margaret Curry- QVC Product Host

-“Hi Mary Anne- I am so delighted that I made the trek to Philadelphia to come and meet with you.  It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and your wonderfully charming mother- she is unforgettable, and I must say the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. I truly appreciate the respect and time that you devoted to me. I have been anticipating meeting someone like you who genuinely believes in her clients, and who appreciates the process.  I will do my do my absolute best to book work, and represent your agency with the dignity it deserves.”
Kelly Hadous, NYC

-“It’s that time of the year, the time that is clear to thank you for all that you do.  From deep in my heart- you are a big part. Of a dream that is clearly coming true.  The guidance and wisdom you give allows my dream to come forth and live- and though there is much left to achieve, I am glad I have you to believe. For without the support-this wouldn’t be the sort of life that is this much fun. So as long as the stage and the screen accept this girl and her dream, I will be here ready knowing you are there holding me steady. I thank you. It’s as simple and true as these words I write you.”
Danielle Fein

“Mary Anne, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with you, your business and of course, my daughter. Emily Rain became a talent of yours in October, and by December you had booked her for a print ad. She loves acting, and with your help, her dreams are coming true!! She has also starred in two commercials, and now we are waiting for her next project! Thank you for having the confidence in Emily to do a job for you, and your client.  We look forward to a long, successful career…and many years of working with you!!! Thank you.”
Stephanie (Emily Rain’s Mother)

“William Mayo was my teacher for the commercial workshop, and I must say that I’ve never met someone as dedicated as him. Any trouble I had he made sure to personally help me and his classes are just so informative! By the time I got to college, I had learned most of the techniques they were trying to teach me! He is a phenomenal person to learn from and I can’t wait to start improv!!!”
Brittany Chorzelewski

-“We love Mary Anne, and all from the Claro Talent Agency! They are all professional, warm, in a good mood, and ready to help us find the right person for the job. Immediate response, it’s a pleasure to work with Maryanne! Ciao bella! J’taime!”
Susan & Sam-Philadelphia Casting

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